Paul Moxham

Below is the complete list of books which I have written. If you want to have a closer look at any of them, please click HERE to go to my Amazon Author page.


The Mystery Series

Perfect for fans of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. Follow four friends as they solve one exciting mystery after another in this clean, wholesome series set in 1950's England


The Mystery of Smugglers Cove

The Mystery of the Missing Money

The Mystery of the Missing Gnomes

The Mystery of Adventure Island

The Mystery of the Mysterious Man

The Mystery of the Strange Notebook

The Mystery of Hidden Valley

The Mystery of Claw Mountain

The Mystery of the Golden Elephant

The Mystery of the Red Balloon

The Mystery of the Golden Dragons

The Mystery of the Howling Dog

The Mystery of the Hidden Suitcase

The Mystery of Treasure Island

The Mystery of Four Towers

The Mystery of the Burning Plane

The Mystery of the Russian Spy



The Alien Wars

This science fiction series will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who likes a thrilling adventure about everyday people trying to survive amid the horrors of of a post-apocalyptic world




Two Young Adult Serials

The Florida Chase: An action packed story that is along the lines of The Hardy Boys

Last Plane out of Paris: Also a young adult serial which follows two British officers as they parachute into France and attempt to rescue and aircraft designer just as Hitler invades the country.


Two Novellas

The MacLosers: A family comedy (free on Amazon)

Ameristocracy: A political thriller (free on Amazon)



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