Be A Part Of The Mystery Series

What do YOU think the Mystery Kids should do?
Back in 2013 I thought it would be fun to let my readers submit a story idea for a short or long novel featuring them and the Mystery Kids. I wasn’t sure if I would choose any ideas, but I did. A few months after this, The Mystery of the Strange Notebook came out. Carrie, an 11 yr old girl, features in this story. She is the one who submitted the original idea.  And yes, she does have dark blonde hair, but her father doesn’t work for the government 🙂 
Carrie was really happy to be included in that story and I thought, even though I do have several stories planned, I would open up story ideas again. I have no idea what to expect and can’t promise anything but if I decide to take your idea and publish it into a story, I will include your name and a description of you.


So, feel free to submit anything via the below form and I will reply to every submission as soon as I can. While story idea can be as short as possible, I am more likely to consider it if the word count is above 100 words.

Story Idea