Are you up for a thrilling adventure?

When the Mystery Kids go camping on a deserted island off the coast of England, they fall headfirst into another exciting adventure.

Follow the children as they are trapped in a lighthouse, stow away on a seaplane, get lost in a mine, hide in a tree house, outwit birdwatchers, and more!

Book 2 in the Mystery Series, this adventure novel is set in 1950’s Britain and will suit anyone who enjoys Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys or the Famous Five.


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Austin Haynes


Virginia Larson

Product Management

“Loved! Loved! Loved! Loved it! This continuation of the Mystery Series by Paul Moxham, was every bit as fun, exciting, and satisfying as the preceding stories. My son and I read it aloud and had so much fun with it. We have become fans!”


“My 13-year-old son said this book was action packed. Give it 5-stars. :-)”


“This is a wonderful series! This is wholesome and my seven year old loved it! “